Maine’s Forest Bioproducts Advanced Manufacturing Tech Hub


Advanced forest-derived bioproducts offer powerful opportunities

Opportunities for Made in America solutions to displace plastics, sequester carbon in buildings, and replace harmful synthetics that result in good quality jobs, revitalized communities, and a cleaner world.

The world’s first ever 3D-printed house made from recycled forest products, from the University of Maine Advanced Structures and Composites Center.

The future is wood

Decarbonizing and detoxifying consumer and industrial products is the next frontier in the fight against climate change. Wood derivatives are the most promising climate solutions to displace fossil fuel-based materials in many manufactured goods, with significant market opportunities in displacing petroleum-based conventional building products, plastic packaging, and harmful synthetic additives.

A center of advanced product innovation

Maine’s Forest Bioproducts Advanced Manufacturing Technology Hub is home to researchers, workers, and firms that together offer the world a powerful technological capability in which it has generations of global leadership: extracting biological building blocks from forests, manipulating them for use, and manufacturing environmentally sustainable products from those components. The region is concentrated along Maine’s Route 95/295 innovation corridor between Portland and Orono, with close links to expansive forests and heritage manufacturing sites in rural Maine and northern New England.

On the world stage

Our consortium partners share a vision that Maine’s Forest Bioproducts Advanced Manufacturing Technology Hub will be the nationwide region of choice for firms developing, manufacturing, and selling innovative, climate-forward products derived from forests and other natural sources.

Scaling tech, tools, and talent

The Tech Hub’s implementation strategy involves investments in five projects that form a regional ecosystem of commercialization-enabling resources that together will propel a dense cluster of innovators, founders, talent, manufacturers, and markets competitive with any region in the world.

Connect with us

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Maine's Tech Hub is led by the Maine Technology Institute in partnership with the Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future and the Maine Department of Economic and Community Development.

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